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but he will now be the no Knight said yes.Callegari's tweets have since been deleted and her account suspended, but it has been possible to piece together for the first time the ensuing conversation between Callegari and [ questions each day want to know prior to getting into a new] Knight, using screengrabs that were taken at the time:JC: "Written by JK Rowling"IK: "Eh?"JC: "It's her pseudonym promise its true"IK: "Seriously? How do you know?"JC: "Seriously. Friend works for publisher"So began a series of events that would lead to the unmasking of Robert Galbraith as JK Rowling, [ Sports Tee Shirtschoosing The Most Appropriate One] Cuckoo's Calling's rise from 4,709th position in the Amazon sales chart to number one, and a search for the source of the biggest leak in recent publishing history a whodunit mystery that would tax even Cormoran Strike, the ex military police gumshoe at the heart of Rowling's new book.When the mystery was finally solved [ Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Green Bay Packers Nfl Super Bowl Xlv On Your Pc] Thursday, a senior lawyer's reputation was in question and a Surrey housewife was holed up in her five bedroom home in Claygate, refusing to answer journalists' questions over the intercom.<br><br>As for Rowling, she made it known that she was "very angry" and "disappointed".[ Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings In 1977 Super Bowl] the hours immediately after Rowling's cover was blown last weekend, there was a widespread belief that the affair had been a clever publicity campaign orchestrated by her publishers, Little, Brown.