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Certain, i will be a personal injury attorney, but that doesn't mean that i love hearing about, or representing the victims of, preventable motor vehicle collisions. Part of my part is always to assist all of the motorists available to you to be safer traveling. Texting, eating and applying makeup while driving, changing the air section, reprogramming the navigation system, talking on the phone or driving intoxicated all donate to the 6+ million automobile accidents witnessed in the usa each year.

Although you might not take part in these interruptions while driving- there are many others on the road that do and here are some easy ideas to help prevent causing or being in an accident. Here are some reminders that are simple might just make you safer!

1. Focus on the Road and Remove Distractions: cellular phones, changing out of the CD, switching the music on your ipod all distract you against the street. About 80% of this 6+ million accidents each year are brought on by distracted motorists.
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Chip Tuning:Is exactly about editing a vehicles controls and exactly how it handles, this is done with all the editing regarding the EPROM which if done correctly will give you much better performance in many ways including more power, lower emissions, cheaper many and fuel more engine improvements.

As times have changed so has got the likelihood of chip tuning and automobile remapping, by this we mean the ways that remapping and chip tuning have enhanced providing us more energy with this particular form of car mod because of the things that are many are now able to be modified and changed this way. Considering that the very early 1990's remapping and chip tuning are becoming increasingly more contemporary along side all electrical items, opening up more and more ways in which we could modify and improve the vehicles performance such as for example; ABS, valve timing, electronic throttle control, automated transmission, boost control (turbo charged engines), electronic stability control, speed governor and so many more factors of the cars motor.

No matter just how fast or sleek your car is, its power and performance are still restricted. It is not due to any factor that is mechanical however it is due to the program which runs in the motor control unit (ECU). This knowledge paves how you can improve the power vastly and fuel economy in only about 30 minutes by altering the settings for the ECU by way of a procedure called remap. Let us comprehend its various aspects.