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For GM domestic cars made before 1995, the diagnostic connector is found underneath the dash panel by the motorist side. A and B of the diagnostic connector to get the check engine codes to flash in your dash panel, use a jumper wire or a paper clip and connect terminals. Turn your ignition key on with motor down and the codes should begin to blink. All codes should start with code 12 that is one long flash followed by 2 brief flashes. This rule 12 means the system that is diagnostic normal and certainly will duplicate it self constantly if there are no trouble codes. Otherwise, code 12 will flash 3 times before blinking the fault codes.

Ford owners can check their check engine light utilizing the diagnostic connector situated at the motor compartment by the fender near the battery. Obtaining the obd1 codes need a couple of tools: a 4 inch gage that is long jumper wire and a 12 volt test light.
Both tools are hooked up to the diagnostic connector and if the ignition key is turned on (without beginning motor) the codes will begin to flash into the test light, not in the dash panel. When there is no rule, you will ordinarily get code 11 or 111. On Fords, you can find 2 test modes, the KOEO (key on engine off) plus the KOER (key on engine operating). Both test modes should be utilized to get the accurate evaluation regarding the kept fault codes.

Of all 3 domestic cars, the easiest way to test the motor light is Chrysler products. Why? Because all you need is to turn the ignition key off and on a inside 5 moments and also the codes will begin to flash into the dash panel.
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Points to consider while remapping the ECU:

Constantly prefer to buy the chip through the maker that offers warranty that is substantial the software.
Before installing the chip in ECU be sure that it really is compatible in order to make of one's car as well as its motor.
It will be simpler to remap the car that is empowered with turbocharged motor in both petrol and diesel variants.
Although remapping usually do not affects the insurance of one's automobile, but still it will be better to notify your insurance provider about any of it, so that it might proceed with the directions based on standards determined in your nation.
Before remapping, make sure that the other aspects of your vehicle may also be in good shape to reaction simultaneously to remapped settings.

You will notice that the cars manufactured are equipped with the features which almost two decades back were considered impossible to be merged in one unit if you compare the features offered in the cars of yester years and the cars of today's generation. But going right through the vast technical developments the vehicles manufacturers are customizing the automobiles with unbelievable features, in-fact day just isn't far whenever we will be traveling in driverless vehicles and car that is even flying.

Anyhow, do you realize that the car you have simply removed through the dealership believing to provide you the optimized performance while you drive at its top rate. Unfortunately, it would not be the particular performance of one's vehicle that you'd be driving, of-course you might be amazed to understand it but you will be much more shocked and stunned if you come to know that this decrease in the performance of the car happens to be done intentionally by the automobile maker then definitely you'll not only feel cheated by the manufacture but will even feel your hard earned money going in the dustbin.