UAE’s Bee’ah HQ Designed By Zaha Hadid Architects Nears Completion

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The project has topped out following the enormous central dome has been placed at the the top of building. The HQ will home UAE's foremost ecological and spend disposal company. The design makes a point of being sustainablethrough their orientation to take complete advantage of the wind.
The new HQ will be equipped with solar sections to be power sufficient. For perfect energy storage, the making will incorporate a Tesla PowerPack battery with a capacity of 1,890 kWh. In addition to using recycled elements for structure, the task has several methods to truly save water and electricity.
The past concrete cell was closed at the ceremony by several dignitaries such as the controlling director of Al Futtaim Carillion, Edmund Mahabir, the director of Zaha Hadid Architects, Patrik Schumacher, and the chairman of Bee'ah, HE Salim Al Owais.
"I believe that we cannot imagine the future of being a sustainable city, without developments in green structure," HE Al Owais commented. "At Bee'ah, as environmental leaders, we've generally driven ourselves to innovate and lead the UAE's journey towards sustainability. Through our HQ project, we've formed partners with a few of the world's most famous entities, to study regarding how we can improve the prospect of sustainability in the built environment."
"With its ultra-low carbon footprint, small water and energy utilization and the successful recycling of structure products, this challenge can collection a benchmark for several potential green construction jobs in the Gulf region. It is also a model for a natural developing process that may be replicated throughout the UAE, as the state seeks to change into a natural economy.", Al Owais added.

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