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Temple of the Frescoes or Templo de las Pinturas (Temple of Paintings) - this two level building is the greatest preserved in Tulum. The murals that are colored certainly one of its inner walls provides the title. The top level temple is embellished with red hand images. The low degree is comprised of two temples built one inside the other. The inner temple is embellished with murals. The outer temple boasts sculptures and carved masks of Chac, who is presumed become the creator god or god of rain.

The external temple has many sculptures, including one of many descending god. The cause of the murals being painted in three amounts was the representation regarding the underworld that is dark of dead, the center purchase of the living, and the house of the creator and rainfall gods.

El Palacio (The Palace) - was a residence for Tulum's most inhabitants that are important. You can nevertheless see benches round the walls that have been used as seats and probably also as beds. At the rear of the building can be an area in which the family held ceremonies that are religious.

Templo de la Estela (Temple of this Initial show) - archaeologists were puzzled once they discovered fragments of a stele - a rock monument - inscribed using the Mayan date of 564 A.D inside this temple, since many buildings in Tulum dated between the 11th and century that is 14th. Research points towards the stele being delivered to Tulum from Tankah, funds about 3 kilometers (4 km) to your north. The stele has become located in the Museum that is british in.

Moving the temples heading towards the ocean, you encounter another relatively small building called La Casa del Cenote translating once the Well House. Constructed on a cenote - a well that is natural sinkhole - religious ceremonies were held right here.
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Tulum is really a great place to visit and stay at in Mexico. While most folks are mostly acquainted with Cancun in Mexico, not enough people find out about the good thing about Tulum. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, this city may be the destination to buy the adventurous traveler, by providing a fantastic combination of tranquility, seclusion and adventure. Checking out the ruins, snorkeling, enjoying the beaches and visiting the character reserves are merely a number of the multiples tasks you certainly can do in Tulum. Here are some of the highlights you might look into if you opt to spend some times in this stunning old Mayan city, just south of Playa Del Carmen.

Mayan Ruins

First, Tulum is frequently linked to the Mayan ruins, and for reasons. The famous Mayan ruins in Tulum are observed regarding the beachside and offer a spectacular view. The remains of the once big town that is mayan among the best-preserved seaside Maya sites and are also truly a must-see for almost any traveler. Mayan are known for their remarkable architectural and accomplishments that are cultural. Some of the ruins are over 1400 yrs . old and tend to be impressively well preserved. Among the list of ruins, the "castillo", or the lighthouse, surrounds the town square and had been utilized to protect watching for any approaching enemy. Tulum has been an worship that is important, consequently has its own altars, temples and shrines.

Cenotes Park

Of course, Mayan ruins are not every thing in Tulum. If you're interested in adventure, take to the concealed worlds of Cenotes Park, where you will get experience cavern scuba diving and snorkeling. You might even have been aware of the Hidden Worlds of Cenotes for those who have seen the IMAX film, "Journey into Amazing Caves", which was filmed there. The Cenotes offers you amazing snorkeling or diving in fresh magnificent waters. Swimming through the underground waters associated with park, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, this experience will be phenomenal. Directed tours welcomes every person, including beginners.